HBLS223REM – 223REM 5.56 Red Laser Bore Sighters , 650nm Battery Life For Dry Fire Simulation Practice And Hunting Training


Laser wavelength: 650nm

Output power: < 5MW

Spot size: 10 meters < 20mm

Concentricity: plus or minus 0.3 degrees

Material: H59 gb copper

Power supply: LR41 button battery

Calibration distance: 0-100m

Product size: 45mm high, 9.5mm diameter

Weight: 17 g

Surface treatment: passivation


  1. Class IIIA, 650nm red dot laser under 5MW. Designed for caliber, room 223.
  1. Made of brass, strong and durable. It also has a wide range of sights, ranging from 15 to 100 yards.
  1. Strong battery life, there are 2 groups (a total of 6) batteries, each group lasts up to one hour.
  1. The sight is very convenient to use, directly put the battery in the sight, and then the laser sight will open automatically, which can greatly reduce the use of ammunition and time.

       5.High precision helps you better aim at red dots.

Packing Including:

1*223REM 5.56 Red laser sight

6*LR41 button batteries

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laser sight is a device attached or integral to a firearm to aid target acquisition. Unlike optical and iron sights where the user looks through the device to aim at the target, laser sights project a beam onto the target that provides a visual reference point. Although lasers in the visible part of the spectrum are most common, invisible infrared (IR) lasers may be used in conjunction with a night vision device.[1][2] As they are offset from the barrel, laser sights need to be zeroed in, much like a conventional sight, so that the beam intercepts the point of impact at a chosen distance.[3] Devices may include one or both types of laser, with some models also incorporating a rangefinder, flashlight, or IR illuminator.[4] Laser sights may be attached to the existing sighting mechanism, the trigger guard, via a rail system, or can be integrated into replacement components such as the guide rod or grip plates.[5][6][7] Some variants are also incorporated into other attachments such as foregrips.[8]

Laser sights are primarily used by military and law enforcement, although have some civilian use for hunting and self defense. They are also found on some less lethal weapons, such as Taser electroshock weapons.[9]

Laser boresights differ from laser sights in that they are not intended, or capable, of being used at the same time as the firearm; instead, they are intended to aid in zeroing the firearm. A boresight is a laser in the shape of a cartridge. The user chambers a boresight of the appropriate calibre which projects a laser beam directly down the barrel, providing a visual indicator of the point of impact at a given range. The user then adjusts the sights until they align with the dot. Boresighting suffers from the same weakness as laser sights in that while the beam is straight, the path of the bullet curves; as such it is not a substitute for traditional zeroing, rather they serve to speed up the process.[20]

Company Introduction: KENWEI (POWERCOSMO ) ELECTRONIC Technology, start from 2008, established in 2012, more than 10 year’s history, has developed into an international high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Covering high-end/Mid/Mass Market, and our products are widely used in professional fields such as outdoor, military police, L/E, security, industry,  Red Laser Bore Sighters etc.



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