The magnetic force is strong enough. It can bear a maximum weight of 30 LBS, which is enough for you to use at home or in the car. You need two to place such as SHOTGUNS or RIFLES etc.
Installation is very simple. We provide two installation methods to meet your needs, 3M sticker installation and screw installation. Most of the time you only need to use the 3M adhesive on the back of it to install and fix it. This way it will not damage any surface you use to install it. In rare cases, you will need to install screws.
Silicone coating surface. It will not damage the surface of your gun. You can install it in any concealed location you want to install, and you can quickly and easily remove the gun from the magnet at any time.
It can be installed in your various rooms and convenient locations in the vehicle so that you can quickly respond to emergencies. Tough enough for almost any firearm and an overall great price for a device that will aid in maintaining a weapon within reach when one may or may not be needed!

Packing List:
1 x Gun Magnet Mount
4 Long Screws and 4 Short Screws for Mounting
1 x Sticker



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