SDA01-Full Function Version

Product model: SDA01-Full Function Version


size: 42*30*62MM

Product net weight: 36g

Material: ABS

Colors : Black / Pink / White / Green / Blue

Battery capacity: 200mAh

Charging voltage: DC5V

Charging current: 1A

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Product Features:

Function 1: Pull ring alarm

Function 2: Intelligent infrared induction alarm
Function 3: Illumination LED light

Function 4: Rechargeable and recyclable

Instructions for use:

1. When camping in hotels, fields, etc., you can hang this product behind the door or next to the tent, or attach the magnet to the iron product on the back. After setting, there will be a strong alarm of 120 decibels when there is an object

2. In case of emergency, the pull ring of the personal alarm can be dialed to emit a high-decibel alarm sound, which acts as a deterrent and calls for help, reminding nearby people to help.

Usually, one end of the key chain can be tied to a mobile phone or other items, and the other end is fixed on the body or in the bag. When the item falls off or in other emergency situations, pull out the latch and a strong alarm sound of 120-130 decibels will sound. To stop the alarm, just plug in the latch.

3. It can also be used as emergency lighting when it needs to fill light.


◆It is a very beautiful decoration, a personal bodyguard for every girl. The lady walks alone in the dark. If a suspicious person approaches, she can pull out the latch to deter the suspicious person and dispel his evil thoughts.

◆ For night runners, when someone is following, an alarm can be triggered to deter the suspicious person by sounding.

◆Elderly people carry or hang an alarm by the bed at night, in case of emergencies, if they can’t speak, trigger the alarm for timely rescue.

◆When traveling, if you get lost, you can trigger the alarm to avoid missing, or when camping in the wild, hang this product behind the tent and turn on the smart alarm function. When an object approaches, the alarm will sound 120 decibels.

◆This alarm can also protect leather bags, mobile phones and valuables from being lost, stolen and robbed. Its use is suitable for people and it is widely used.

◆The battery design of rechargeable electrical appliances ensures that the product can be recycled and can be recharged and used repeatedly when it runs out of electricity!


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