MWLRW01 Lite – 300 Lumens + Red / Green / Blue Laser Rechargeable Tactical Pistol flashlight

MWLRW01 Lite – Upgraded Smaller gun light


Output: 300lumen
Light mode: high/ Strobe / red laser
Run Time: 1.2H/1H/8H
Lux: High ≥1500Lux
Color temp : 5700-7000k
Beam Angel : 6.9°
Housing Material: aluminum alloy
Beam Distance : high≥ 110m
Light System : Parabollic reflector
Light Effect : focus only
Battery : 14420 400mAh rechargeable
Waterproof : IP65
Impact resistance : 1m
Dimension : 27*52 mm
Net weight : 55.5g with battery

Selling Point :

Upgraed Uniboday Button switch operationdouble switchs on both sides.
long press 2s to turn on/off laser
press once to turn light on and press twice quickly to activate strobe

1. high quality Cree led, lifespan 100000hours, brightness 300lumen,constantly run 1.2hours;
2. with red laser, its for accurate targeting and clearly visible both in night and day;
3.come with rechargeable battery and chaging base, recharge light conveniently;
4. red laser is easily adjusted and zero in just like other optical sight, simply used inclused allen wrench

Application: it’s widely used in the installation of pistol as a pistol flashlight, also a good choice in daily life or camping activity.

Includes :

1 x weapon light
1 x manual
1 x package box
1 x 14420 Built-in rechargeable Battery 300 mAh
2 x screw driver
1 x USB cable , magnetic USB charging

MWLRW01 Lite – 300 Lumens + Red / Green / Blue Laser Rechargeable Tactical Pistol Rail Mounted Flashlight

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Tactical flashlights, used with firearms that police officers can spot targets and brighten unwell-lit areas. On first sight, this flashlight might appear to be a standard flashlight. But it comes with a number of distinctive characteristics that distinguish it entirely.

The first thing to note is that tac flashlights feature a high beam output. So it can allow us to see over a long distance. The output is also sufficiently bright to temporarily disorient an attacker for self-defense . Experts are using them for searching purposes, clearing an area or even indicating the user’s position using the strobe mode.

Also, there’s a gun light version of the flashlight for tactical use. This kind of light lets the user directly connect it to the firearm for hands-free operation. Or to free up their supporting hand. Like the handheld flashlights for tactical use, we can use this weapon light to withstand harsh use and is extremely bright. There are pistol lights and light for rifle versions to suit a range of firearms.

Company Introduction: KENWEI (POWERCOSMO ) ELECTRONIC Technology, start from 2008, established in 2012, more than 10 year’s history, has developed into an international high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales. Covering high-end/Mid/Mass Market, and our products are widely used in professional fields such as outdoor, military police, L/E, security, industry, Rail Mounted Flashlight etc.


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