The best lights can make your time outdoors safer and more enjoyable.

Find The Best Camping Lights For Your Camping Style After COVID-19
With more than 60 million Americans going in camping in 2019, and this is only one kind of outdoor activities. And there’s little doubt as to why, since spending time outdoors with family and friends is a great way for a group to have a healthy and happy time together especially after COVID-19, we lost lot of time in fighting with the virus, and right now it is the time to enjoy the beautiful outdoor world.

When you Join the nature’s embrace, In addition to the dark night environment, compared to other complex outdoor environments, a reliable, multi-purpose torch is a must. So which flashlights do we need?

A high-brightness handheld flashlight
ORL01- Outdoor Zoomable Flashlight ( Rechargable ) 1100 Lumens

1. Up to 1100 lumens, helps you dispel the darkness.
2. Slim fit design, powered by 1*18650 Li-ion battery, with built-in rechargeable function, never run out of power.
3. Telescopic retractable reflector, spot light & flood light in 1 same flashlight.
4. infinity mode let you choose the brightness at your own will.

A multi-functional headlamp
OSHL501 – Headlamp ( Wave control / 5 cores / Rechargeable)

1. Up to 800 lumens, helps you dispel the darkness, free your hand.
2. Unibody aluminum alloy design, powered by 1*18650 or 1*26650 Li-ion battery, with built-in rechargeable function, you can even charge with solar panel, never run out of power.
3. Powerbank function which the headlamp can be the powerbank to charge other device like phone, other Lighting equipment, 5V/1A output.
3. 5 LED cores, Spot light / Flood light / Red Light / Red Signal, Various lighting forms make you more relaxed to face various complex outdoor environments
4. Strong Magnetic Tail design can let your headlamp become a camping light / tool light, Adsorbed on the surface of iron products

A multi-functional mini Keychain Light

1. It is a flashlight
2. It is a e-lighter, waterproof
3. Built-in Li-ion battery, chargeable, in outdoor, using solar panel to charge is OK.

There are a lot of other lighting equipments can help you to explore the outdoor environment, want to know more ? Feel free to contact, leave the message or contact through WHATSAPP : +86-198-4941-4158 for more info.

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