WHAT SHOULD BE YOUR TACTICAL EDC GEAR? – 36 EDC Essentials to Always Have on You

When the average person heads out the door for work in the morning they typically have the following items: keys, cell phone, and wallet or purse (including cash, credit/debit cards, driver’s license, etc.)

Depending on your line of work, you may also have your lunch or a day planner, tablet, or laptop. For most people, on their average day, these items are fine for going to work and coming home without incident.

What if there IS an incident? Then what? My keychain, pictured, has a small Swiss knife, a flashlight, and a Kubotan on it for just in case.

Your everyday carry kit consists of all the things you should have on your person at all times, in case a disaster or an emergency catches you away from your bug out bag bags. As a result, this kit is much more available to you and you’re much more likely to use it.

“it is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it”.

#1. Wallet
The bigger the wallet, the more stuff you can fit in it

#2. Cell Phone
Your phone is probably the most important survival assets of the modern prepper.

#3. Pocket Folding Knife
Folding knives could save you from more emergency situations than you can imagine.

#4. (Mechanical) Watch
Why mechanical? Well, it’ll continue to function in the event of an EMP disaster.

#5. Button Compass
You probably won’t need one if you’re in an urban setting, but who knows when it could be of use.

#6. Hat
The type of hat you wear every day depends on how you dress.

#7. A Pen
Pens have gotten technologically smart as well. Some have flashlights, others can be used as self-defense weapons.
PL101-PL101 – Pen Light ( Slim Fit )

#8. A Small Notebook
If you like taking notes the old fashioned way, h

#9. Small Flashlight
There are plenty of flashlights suitable for everyday carry.
PL101-PL101 – Pen Light ( Slim Fit )

#10. Paper
If you don’t carry a notebook, then at the very least carry a piece of paper in your wallet

#11. Band-Aids
No survival kit should be without an assortment of bandages. Cuts and bruises happen all the time, let alone in an emergency situation.

#12. Small Whistle
A whistle you can attach to your key-right will get people to think it’s cute, but you’ll know you might use it someday to save your life.

#13. Chapstick
This one is self-explanatory, right?

#14. A Handkerchief
You can probably imagine all of the uses the noble handkerchief has in daily life. I’m not sure why people stopped wearing them.

#15. A Multi-tool
It can be credit card shaped or one you can add to your key ring.
MMTL02 – MMTL02 – Multi-Task Flashlights ( Rechargeable / Built-In Battery / Rotate Head / Magnetic / Tool Light / Desk Lamp / Camping Light )

#16. Fresnel Lens
Another survival item you should love because it can fit in your wallet,

#17. Fish Hooks
This is something mostly rural folks would want to carry in their EDC kits.

#18. Firestarter
YOu can probably find one for less than 5 bucks, and you can add it to your keychain or wear it around your neck.

#19. Lighter
The obvious use would be to start a fire for whatever reason. If you have enough room in your bag or purse, keep two lighters… just in case.
EL01- EL01-IPX7 electronic lighter

#20. Waterproof Matches
If you lighter doesn’t work, a waterproof match might. Fire is one of the most basic survival needs, so having two ways to start it is pretty important.

#21. Bandanna
Yet another survival item with a million and one uses.

#22. Can and Bottle Opener
This was suggested by one of the commentators, keep them coming, guys!

#23. Mil-Spec Paracord
What, paracord in your EDC?

#24. Spare Batteries
Whether it’s a cell phone or a flashlight battery.

#25. Cash
We may be heading towards a cashless society, but until then,

#26. Small Solar Charger

#27. Safety Pins
Nothing to add here.

#28. Water Purification Tablets
These are small, inexpensive, and they take care of one of the most critical survival issues: clean, drinking water. They literally kill all bacteria and viruses in the water in about 30 minutes.

#29. Personal Water Filter
if you want something more practical than the aforementioned water purification tablets, a personal water filter is a great choice.

#30. Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is probably the most common non-lethal self-defense weapon.

#31. Cotton Balls
Can be uses to stop a scrape from bleeding, to clean a dirty surface, or to start a fire.

#32. A Mini First Aid Kit
It can fit in one of the pockets of your cargo pants or inside your purse, although this is more of a “get home item”.

#33. OTC Medication
You need a few basic over-the-counter meds such as Ibuprofen,

#34. Paper Clips
These are so tiny, you won’t even remember you have them. But they could prove very useful one day.

#35. Superglue
Superglue can be used to glue things together (obviously), but also to seal minor wounds.

#36. Handgun & Holster
KG17LQD01-KG17LQD01 – Kydex Quick Release Holster Quick Release for G17/18c/20/21/22/37 HK45 M&P45

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